Why Use The Silicone Gloves Heat Resistant?

Why Use The silicone Material For The Mask Storage Box?

Double-material Design

Enjoy putting your hand into the cotton quilted liner while silicone outside protect your hand from steam and hot liquids.

Heat Resistant up to 446°F

When you are cooking,baking,pot-holding, smoker grill handling and you can focus on your cooking things.

Extra Length and Loop Design

Long oven gloves have 13.7 inches lengths,which is enough to protect your fingers, hands, wrists and forearm.When the kitchen oven gloves not in use, the grilling gloves can be hanged on a hook.Not only save space, but also more easy to dry.


Apply dish soap and rub the grilling gloves until each "finger" covered soap.Then turn on the faucet to wash it. The inner of bbq oven gloves can be take on and off. If inner gets dirty or wet,you can take it out to wash or dry.

Why Use The Silicone Gloves Heat Resistant?

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