Why Use The Silicone Ice Pop Maker Mold?

Why Use The silicone Ice Pop Maker Mold?

The silicone ice pop maker mold is easy to pull out silica gel popsicle mold: high quality silica gel material makes popsicle easy to pull out from the frozen silica gel popsicle mold, strong material and easy to clean features.

Compare with the Plastic material, it will be easy and convenient for use in daily life.

Summer enjoy Slicone popsicle mold: homemade popsicle, which contains 10 kinds of your favorite drinks, soft drinks, yogurt, juice, pudding, jelly, ice cream, ice cream.

Size of silica gel popsicle mold: meet the requirements of children and adults with different beverage input capacity. It is 9 inches long, 6 inches wide and 4 inches high.

Complete accessories with silica gel popsicle mold: including 12 sticks, 12 bags, fullfill popsicle can be set up and simplify the process of making your own homemade popsicle.

Why Use The Silicone Ice Pop Maker Mold?

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