Why Using The Silicone Baby Feeder Pacifier?

Why Using The silicone Baby Feeder Pacifier?

The fresh fruit food feeder is the perfect way to introduce solids to babies without the risk of choking! Silicone pouch with small holes only allow small, digestible pieces to pass through.Three sizes silicone sacs are included,you can choose the right size for your baby.

The baby food pacifier feeder is made from 100% food grade silicone with BPA free makes the feeder safe for your child to chew and suck on.More hygienic and durable than other mesh teething feeder. Dishwasher safe,easy to clean.

This food teether doubles as a teething toy! Simply turn the feeder upside down to let your child chew and suck on a 100% food grade silicone teether, Soothes teething pain and keeps your busy little entertained.

Place organic baby food,frozen fruit, vegetables,meat or frozen breast milk pieces into the pouch. Your baby will enjoy the ability to experience of solid foods while also building independence, learning to self-feed and improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Why Using The Silicone Baby Feeder Pacifier?

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