Why Using The Silicone Egg Molds For Instant Pot?

Why Using The silicone Egg Molds For Instant Pot?

The silicone egg molds from high quality food grade silicone, 8.25'' diameter. Use for Starbucks-style Egg Bites, Poacher Ring, Brownies, Baby Food, ice cubes, food storage etc. Perfectly safe in Electric Pressure Cooker, Freezer and Oven (up to 425 F). Stain resistant, Bacteria and Odor Free. 

The egg molds supports a better and easier way on healthy diet. If you’re trying to eat less carbs or counting calories, then these molds are a perfect way to start the day. Egg Bites are perfect for those on Weight Watchers or Who wants to keep healthy, it takes a little time making food using instant pot. They are easy to use and your Instant Pot can help you create these delicious Egg Bites!

The silicone molds for instant pot is not just for baby food. Use it to make king size ice cubes, as a picnic food tray, a brownie mold, a paint palette tray, for easy portion control, mini pet food storage and as a leftover freezer tray container for marinades, wine, juice, soups and sauces – the functions of this tray are endless!

Application for the soft silicone egg molds:

Starbucks-Style Egg Bites

Home-made Pancakes,

Brownies and Muffins

Ice cream and Popsicles

Why Using The Silicone Egg Molds For Instant Pot?

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