Why Using The Silicone Kitchen Sponges?

Why Using The silicone Kitchen Sponges?

Health silicone sponge: this magic silicone sponge is made of high-quality food grade materials. Silicone sponge without BPA, heat resistance up to 500 F. 100% non stick kitchen sponge, comfortable silicone tableware sponge designed for sponge tableware.

Design of kitchen sponge: made of soft and durable food grade silica gel. Sponge with soft bristles can be gently scrubbed and won't scratch the previous tableware. The comfortable grip of sponge dishes doesn't slip from wet hands. Easy to reach the corners of glasses, cups, pots and pans.

Multi purpose silicone sponge: the silicone kitchen sponge is designed as a dishwasher or vegetable washer. You can use this silicone sponge brush to clean dishes, bowls, pans, pots, fruits, vegetables, cars, bathrooms, etc. it can also be used to clean cosmetics, pet beauty brushes, and even shower recycling AIDS, which can make your skin shine.

Easy to clean: This silicone dishwashing sponge is easy to clean and can also be safely used in dishwashers. Just rinse and put it in the dishwasher. Soft and durable food grade silicone sponge. It is easy to dry in the air without mildew.

Why Using The Silicone Kitchen Sponges?

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