You don’t know the silicone buttons

A few people know about the silicone buttons . But many people have a good knowledge of silicone products in our daily life .especially we all know that the breast implant is filled with silicone products , but the silicone buttons is different from those silicone products .silicone buttons is belong to a kind of industrial silicone products .it include many type of silicone buttons : single-point buttons , silicone tube ,the remote control silicone buttons, silicone conductive buttons, cell phone silicone buttons, silicone metal buttons, P + R buttons ,keyboard buttons , tuch-buttons, digital buttons and so on .

These silicone bottos are made of eco-friendly silicone mateical ,not-toxic , tasteless, harmless ,green 。it is closely related to people’s lives .we offen use the silicone buttons in our daily life for example ,cell phone silicone buttons , Car and motorcycle remote control button, the computer keyboard keys, DVD vcd remote control buttons and so on . the features of silicone buttons are no deformation , good feeling ,odorless and durable and so on. .These silicone products button can be finished by a very complex production process ,Including the first preparation, mixing, oil pressure molding, processing, printing, surface treatment, spray oil process. So a small silicone buttons is made of workers who pay a lot of drudgery crystallization .that is you don’t know the silicone buttons

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