A Great Design Skull Silicone Mold

Our DIY skull silicone molds are made of silicone material, which makes molds durable, flexible and reusable, in addition, they can bring you elegantly finished crafts, you can use them for a long time and not easy to break.
A Great Design Skull Silicone Mold
What can skull silicone molds do?
The skull silicone mold is very versatile, besides can use to be a candle or soap mold, it also can be used as cake, chocolate, candy, baking, ice cube, resin mold or used for other DIY craft projects.A Great Design Skull Silicone MoldWhen using the silicone mold to make candles, first you should use a needle to make a hole in the bottom and fix the wick to the center of candle silicone molds, then pour melted wax wait for molding, last push from the bottom and then pull out the candle, it is very easy to release. After you finished your DIY, simply cleaning with warm soapy water does the job.
A Great Design Skull Silicone MoldSuch candle mold is the best gadget for friends and your children to cultivate hands-on interest in making gifts. The unique skull shape is suitable for young people who like spoofs and adventures.

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