Are Silicone Ice Trays Safe To Be Used As Candy Moulds?

Are silicone ice trays safe to be used as candy making moulds?Silicone is a material resistant to hight temperature and low temperature. The common silicone material molds sold on market usually can withstand temperature from -40℃ low temperature to + 230℃ high temperature.

No matter silicone molds for soap, cake baking or ice cubes, they are made from food grade silicone rubber material whith has a wide safe temperature range: -40℃~+230℃. So silicone molds also be known by their multifunctional features.Can silicone ice tray be used to shape candies? The answer is YES. Silicone ice molds are safe enough to be used as baking molds. Using it to hold melted candy flouid is available.
Pour melted liquid candy into a silicone mold, then directly put to the freezer.

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