What’s The Easter Egg And Bunny Silicone Molds?

What's The Easter Egg And Bunny silicone Molds? These Easter egg and rabbit mold trays allow you to make cake, candy, chocolate, ice cube and etc, also suitable for daily… Read more

What is the density of the silicone resin?

There are more and more places where silicone resins need to be applied, but many people still don't understand. What is the density of silicone resins? Next, I will introduce… Read more

What is a modified silicone resin?

As a kind of silicone resin, what are the modified silicone resins? Many people do not know it well, and the application of modified silicone resin is also very wide.… Read more

What Is Spill Stopper Lid Cover Used For

The spill stopper lid cover is made of food grade silicone, BPA Free, non-toxic, thickness about 8mm, temperature resistance up to 260 ℃, the lowest cold resistance up to –… Read more

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Silicone Mould

1. Before the first use, clean with water or detergent to remove dust on the surface. Before the mold is used for baking, a small amount of butter can be… Read more

How To Use The Baby Silicone Pacifier Clip?

How To Use The Baby silicone Pacifier Clip? Holds pacifiers and teether toys, keeping them close to baby and off the floor. Soft silicone beads provide instant teething relief and… Read more

How are silicone resins formed?

Since the hydrolysis process of imported silicone resins is an exothermic process, the hydrolysis temperature of silicone resins has a great relationship with the formation of gels. Gels are more… Read more

What Is Spill Stopper

Spill stopper is made from 100% food grade silica gel is used as the anti overflow cover. It does not contain bisphenol A. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, reusable and… Read more

Why Use The Silicone Straw Cup For Baby?

Why Use The silicone Straw Cup for Baby? 【Double Non-Slip Handles& Natural Fit for Tiny Hands】The Toddler Cup is designed to fit baby’s mouth and little hands, toddlers can hold… Read more

What Are The Problems Of Silicone Rubber In Condensed Mold

1. Why do some solidify and some don't solidify at the same time? Uneven mixing will cause slow local curing or non curing. For example, the curing time of the… Read more

What are the heat resistance properties of different silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives?

silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives refer to pressure-sensitive adhesives mainly composed of silicone polymers, or acrylic and silicone-modified rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesives modified by silicone polymers. It is divided into two types: one… Read more

Feature Of The Silicone Baby Feeding Spoon

Feature Of The silicone Baby Feeding Spoon THE FIRST BABY'S SPOON – These baby spoons are specially designed for first time solid eaters. Ideal to encourage self-feeding at first stage,… Read more

Feature Of Silicone Hair Cutting Collar

Feature Of silicone Hair Cutting Collar Non-stick hair: Our silicone hair cutting collar has a smooth surface and does not stick to hair. The broken hair is attached to the… Read more

How do silicone resins make coatings?

In the production of coatings, silicone resins are often used. Many people don't understand the related production methods. How do silicone resins make coatings? Next, silicone resins will introduce the… Read more

Advantage Of The Silicone Baby Sippy Cup

Advantage Of The silicone Baby Sippy Cup Snack & Sippy Cup 2-in-1: Come with 2 changeable lids, can be used as a sippy cup, as well as a baby snack… Read more

Feature Of The 126 Cavity Silicone Ice Tray

Feature Of The 126 Cavity silicone Ice Tray Multi-Function: Multipurpose silicone molds can make all kinds of food. 126 Cavity Mini Silicone Candy Molds are perfect for baking chocolate, jelly,… Read more

The Silicone Of Liquid Mould Is Partially Cured And Partially Non Cured

When we use liquid silicone rubber to make silicone rubber mold, sometimes we wait for 48 hours to find that the mold silica gel still does not solidify, or only part of… Read more

What are the applications of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives in electronic appliances?

1. Electrical insulation. Electrical insulation is mainly transformers, interlayer insulation and outer sealing of windings of electromagnetic coils, wire and cable joints and terminal insulation. Commonly used are polyvinyl chloride… Read more

Polyakyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane H-77

DESCRIPTION H-77spray adjuvant is a superspreading surfactant based on a trisiloxane ethoxylate.H-77 spray adjuvant lowers the surface tension of spray solutions, beyond that which is achievable with conventional adjuvants. Typically, H-77 spray adjuvant ( 0.1 wt %) gives an aqueous surface tension of 20.5 mN/m. After the mixture with the pesticide solution at the certain proportion,It can lower… Read more

Why Using The Silicone Baby Feeder Pacifier?

Why Using The silicone Baby Feeder Pacifier? The fresh fruit food feeder is the perfect way to introduce solids to babies without the risk of choking! Silicone pouch with small… Read more