Children’s Favorite Gift in Summer–silicone Sand Bucket Set

Psychologists believe that children like to play with sand and water, which is closely related to their physical and psychological needs. Playing sand and water can not only make them feel psychological pleasure, but also have a very important value in promoting children's development.
Sand and water can flow and change. In the process of playing, children can exercise their various abilities.
For example, by touching dry and wet sand of different thicknesses and water of different temperatures, children's perception can be exercised. Through sand digging, sand shoveling, water bailing, water pouring and other sports, develop children's large and small muscle groups. Digging sand pits and building castles can cultivate his imagination and creativitySo, when summer comes, do you still think it's meaningless to take children to the seaside to play with sand and water?
When you get to the beach, chasing the waves is definitely not enough. A good set of beach toys can make children have more fun. The Weishun silicone's beach toy bucket set contains 6 accessories to meet the multiple needs of children. And the smaller bucket makes it less heavy when completely filled with sand or water, which is perfect for babies and toddlers to play with.
Children's Favorite Gift in Summer--silicone Sand Bucket Set
Weishun silicone provides many types of silicone sand bucket set for choose, and also provides OEM&ODM service:

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