Collapsible Travel Cup, One Of The Most Convenient Cups To Use.

Collapsible mugs made from silicone is a product very popular in our factory. Many client's are inquiry us whether Weishun factory can operate and manufacture new design silicone foldabe drinking mugs according their requests. The answer of course is YES.As a professional silicone products manufacture, operating new design silicone products is one of main services that we offer to our customers. Usually our engineer will quote the cost of the production model tools according to client's drawing papers quickly. And then caculate the price of per unit product. If customers have no a drawing paper, our engineer can also draw a 3D design paper according to client's requests.

Silicone collapsible cups are cups having a special construction. You can fold them easily into thin circles so that you carry them around without any hassle. Usually there are a hanging hole which is designed for hanging them on travel backpack rather occupy the storing space.

Are collapsible cups your interest area?If silicone collapsible cups is your interest and want to take invest in them, here you are at the right place! Contact a manufacture and  share with us your great ideas about foldable mugs, let us work together to make amazing collapsible travel cups!

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