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If you have ever eaten a delicious griddled egg in a diner or restaurant, you may be wondering how they achieve such a perfectly circular egg. Chances are that they used a ring mold for eggs to make the egg so immaculately round. The good news is, you can recreate the effect at home using a fried egg shaper. So, Do you need a silicone egg fryer mold?
WeiShun Silicone provides not only round shape egg ring mold, but also have star,flower,heart shape silicone egg fryer mold.Do You Need Silicone Egg Fryer Mold? | china Silicone
With these molds, you can make different shapes of fried egg,and can also make meatloaf, pancake, potato, or pastry .etc. In addition, silicone egg fryer mold can separate food in the same pan – not everyone loves food that blends together or touches, especially when they're vastly different. Our egg and pancake separators let you cook multiple foods in the same pan without their flavors escaping the food rings.
Finally, our silicone egg fryer molds are easy to clean and store: Dishwasher Safe, egg rings are reusable and practical. Non-stick silicone makes removal and clean-up a breeze. Simply rinse in soapy water and dishwasher safe. The retractable handle for cooking with lid and easy storage.

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