Extend the service life of die casting molds

Extend the service life of :


Due to the long-term use and high injection speed of the die-casting mold, after a period of use, there will be more or less deposits on the core and cavity of the die-casting mold. These deposits adhere firmly to the surface of the core and cavity, and the hardness is quite high, making it difficult to remove. These deposits are combined with a small amount of die-cast metal, coolant and mold release agent impurities under high temperature and pressure. In the process of removing these deposits, we should use mechanical methods or grinding methods to remove them. During the removal process, other surfaces of the die-casting mold should not be damaged to avoid dimensional changes.


Periodic maintenance of the die-casting mold can keep the die-casting mold in a very good working condition. The maintenance of die-casting molds is very necessary, which can effectively slow down the generation time and extension speed of mold cracks and increase the service life of the mold.



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