How Do You Protect Your Apple AirTag ?

Nowadays, more and more technologies can be viewed in our house there and there, and the AirTag Tracker is included. However, the tiny little airtags easily vanish into a backpack, a coat pocket, or a suitcase, so we provide a silicone AirTag case for you to resolve this problem.
How Do You Protect Your Apple AirTag ?Our Airtag protective case is specially designed for Airtag. The airtag silicone case can anti-lost with the stainless steel buckle, it can be easily attached to car keys, belt loops, wallets, backpacks, children's school bags, dog leashes, other valuables or other personal items, etc., to help you carry for AirTag with you.How Do You Protect Your Apple AirTag ?By The way, this silicone protective case for AirTag is perfectly combined with the Pop Fidget toy 2-in-1 function. When clicking on the bubble, it will make a slight popping sound, can reduce the user's anxiety and stress, let him enjoy a happy time.
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