How Much Do You Know About Silicone Protective Cover?

silicone protective sleeves are generally made of silicone, soft and elastic, and are often used to protect electronic digital products from accidental drops or wear. How much do you know about the function and process of the silicone protective cover? Let me explain briefly to you.
    1. Prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the phone screen or body;     2. It can be printed with various colors, beautiful and generous;     3. Prevent nails from contacting the buttons for a long time, scratching, and abrasion. It has the function of protecting the screen and buttons;     4. It has the function of non-slip, and the quality of the hand feel is very good;     5. It protects the phone from accidental drop and prevents it from being broken.
The silicone sleeve is a silicone product produced by a high-temperature compression vulcanization molding process with silica gel as the main raw material.
    1. Raw material preparation (also called rubber mixing): including raw rubber mixing, color mixing, etc.;    2. Vulcanization molding (also called hydraulic molding): the high-pressure hydraulic press is used to vulcanize at high temperature to make silicone raw materials into solid molding;    3. Depilation (also called deburring): The silicone sleeve product that comes out of the mold will be accompanied by burrs and swarf, which need to be removed; it is usually done by hand, and some can be used with a deburring machine;    4. Silkscreen printing, this process is only used for some silicone sleeve products with patterns or logos on the surface of the silicone sleeve;    5. Spray oil, silica gel products are easy to absorb dust in the air, and have a certain viscosity; spray oil on the surface of the silicone sleeve, which can prevent dust and make it feel;    6. Others, including some additional functions, such as glue, laser carving or other materials and parts assembly.

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