How To Choose Your Oil Brush Or BBQ Brush ?

silicone oil brush is a silicone product that is commonly used when baking or cooking, many people like to use this silicone product, and the production process of silicone oil brush is now very mature, all aspects of performance to meet our user requirements, can meet the different use of the environment. So how should we choose our silicone oil or BBQ brush? The following Weishun silicone editorial share with you.
In our daily cooking needs certain high-temperature requirements, so the brush head of silicone brush for the temperature naturally also needs certain temperature requirements, then silicone products raw materials can withstand high and low temperatures that is certainly to achieve, not enough this aspect will need to pay attention to the selection of materials. Generally speaking, the raw materials of silicone oil brushes must reach a safe and edible level, and produce quality requirements of non-toxic, odorless and impurity, so the materials must be strictly selected.How To Choose Your Oil Brush Or BBQ Brush ?The workmanship is more important, a quality silicone product need to be in the appearance of the user's favor that must be done in the production process, and silicone brushes are more focused on its brush head part, because the brush head of silicone brushes are too long, the mold above the hole is deeper using the process are made by CNC mold discharge, and in the process of mold making process such as the bottom discharge processing is not precise enough to do the brush out is very It is possible that the brushes will have a hairy edge or fracture, so in the mold you need to pay attention to whether the brush head hole is discharged in place.
If we want to know about the problem of functionality, then, we must talk about the functionality of the brush head. Since the silicone brush needs a certain degree of toughness and uniformity in the oiling process, it can be affected in terms of ability.

1, the softness of the material of the brush head material is too hard may lead to silicone brush oil is too rigid and will also have the splash to the body phenomenon, the material is too soft after for too hard food and bad brush oil.
2, the impact of the structure layout, silicone brush layout even available, usually silicone brush layout can not be too wide but also can not be too narrow, spacing between 1-3mm can be, brush head and brush head too wide brush back to lead to no force, too narrow after not about silicone brush manufacturers production, and use will have sticky phenomenon.
3, the importance of the appearance of quality, oil brush products belong to a thicker product, usually too thick and too soft and both sides of the broken edge of the phenomenon, so in the production process need to strictly control the actual temperature of the production of silicone products and vulcanization time, and the product's black spot impurities and secondary sulfur or need to be strictly controlled.
To sum up, a high-quality silicone oil brush product is inseparable from the perfect customization process of silicone products and the selection of silicone raw materials, so it is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the production process and raw materials.

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