How To Make The Service Life Of Silicone Products Longer?

Currently, silicone products have been spread all over the corner of life, whether it is medical supplies accessories, electronic products, kitchen supplies or beauty supplies can not be separated from silicone. The following is a small explanation of what factors affect the life of silicone products.      We are all pro-silicone because it's environmentally safe and non-toxic, but some times like the phone case is not actually broken because the phone case yellowing does not want to use, "tasteless, discarded," now Weishun silicone to tell you how to make the life of silicone products extended.      1, in the use of the process of cleaning, can try to use dry cleaning, wipe with a dust-free cloth, but also directly in the warm water to clean and dry after being placed in a ventilated place.      2, silicone products do not come into direct contact with sources of fire or electricity.      3, do not use sharp utensils to touch the silicone appliance, and do not use heavy objects to press and pull the appliance.    4, there are stains where you can use toothpaste to clean. To know the silicone products are not easy to clean, so do not easily clean and wipe and exposure to the sun.      5, silicone material has static electricity belongs to high adsorption products, so try not to put more hair, dusty places or cleaning will be very troublesome! Reduce the number of cleaning is equal to extend the service life.  
    Although the temperature and pressure resistance of silicone, silicone flexibility, chemical stability are very good, but in the use of the process or to take good care of, improper maintenance will shorten the service life of silicone products.      The above is Weishun silicone products factory to tell you the content, more silicone mobile phone cover, silicone headset cover, Plastic products, silicone products to understand the custom please pay attention to Hengli Weishun, we provide a variety of silicone products processing custom, can be produced according to customer requirements or to map production, you are welcome to contact us.
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