Inspection standards for aluminum die-casting molds before leaving the factory

Inspection standards for before leaving the factory


Aluminum die-casting molds must be tested before they leave the factory, and they can only be put into use when they meet the qualified standards. The specific standards are:


  1. The chemical composition inspection and test methods in aluminum die-casting molds, the inspection standards and re-inspection must meet the standards of GB/T15115. The chemical composition of the sample products can be used from die-casting to meet the requirements of GB/T15115; in the mechanical properties The mechanical properties, testing methods, testing times and testing specifications must meet the requirements of GB/T15115.


  1. The sample products used in aluminum die-casting molds, the size of the cut parts, and the test pattern of the test must be determined through discussion.


  1. The geometric pattern of the die-casting inspection test can be tested through a large range of samples or using the standards of GB2828 and GB2829. The results of the test must meet the specifications.


  1. The factory inspection of the appearance quality of aluminum die castings must be inspected one by one, and the results of the inspection must meet the requirements of this standard.


  1. The surface roughness of aluminum die-casting mold should be implemented according to the standard of GB/T6060.1.

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