Is The Smell Of Silicone Products Harmful

Did you notice? Most people sometimes may notice a distinct smell of silicone products, which can cause dizziness or lightheadedness because of its overpowering smell. Due to the odor of silicone products, quite a few people are always skeptical about the safety of silicone products. Is silicone products safe?
As for this question, firstly I must stress that silicone products made from FDA approved food grade silicone has no odor before first use. Be notice, it doesn't means that silicone products with smell is not safe. We should know that silicone products odors may happen in the process of silk screening but not the silicone mateial itself.Is The Smell Of Silicone Products HarmfulSo, as to the question: Is the smell of silicone harmful? My answer is that food grade silicone is durable and do no harm to health if they were be use correctly.Actually, smell does not happen frequently when do silk screening.  Generally speaking, it can take up to 4-7 days to stop stinking. If placing a fan at its direction to help speed up, the time of stop smelling will be shortten to 2-3 days.However, if manufacturer use non food grade silicone as material, the safty of products is unsure. Some of manufactuers do not care about the quality and safety of products but just want to saving cost, as a result, the quality of silicone products on market is mixed.Notice! Every customer, you should compare the quality of products before you buy them.

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