Modern Dining Table Mat Silicone Waterproof

silicone Protective Table Mat WholesaleSilicone mat, a mat waterproof, heat insulation and easy to clean. If you are looking for table mat placemats, why not take few minutes to browse this essay? Here is a silicone products manufacturer introducing a modern dining table mat produced by him.It It is a mat in rectangle shape, with exquisite printing patterns. Actually all this mat is made of hight quality silicone rubber which is with FDA / LFGB certification.Doing business with a factory, you can ask your supplier to produce silicone mats according to your actually needs. For example the color of silicone table mats or the patterns which would be printed on silicone table mats.Factory can make colored silicone rubber through mixing dye and white silicone rubber.     Our worker use silicone mixing machine to mix silicone and add different colors dye to make colored silicone rubber raw material.Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, mint colors, whatever colors you want, please let us know the its Pantone color numbers!Pink Silicone MatGrey Silicone MatHow we manufacture silicone mats?
The production type is mold press. The mat be taken out from machine is without patterns.
Are you interest in multifunctional silicone mats?Why not send supplier an inquiry right now?

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