Silicone Pad Composition Testing Should Focus On Those Aspects

The testing of silica gel meal mat includes four aspects: resin testing, formula testing, performance improvement and quality diagnosis. And composition of silica gel tableware detection process involves after separated from the sample after review, sample pretreatment and instrumental analysis, spectra analysis, comprehensive validation five steps, as well as using NMR analysis, XRD, XRF, infrared analyzer, GC – MS analysis 10 tsu with instruments, such as size, get accurate spectrum information to understand the formula composition, help us better understand the product material composition.1. Resin identification: for the sample of unknown silica gel meal mat, identify the rubber type, provide material test report, high efficiency, low cost and accurate accuracy;2. Formula testing: after testing the sample formulation with large instruments, the composition spectrum diagram was developed, and the proportion of ingredients was restored by industry experts, and the raw material selection scheme was provided;3. Performance improvement: imitate production according to the performance of the supplied samples, or design products according to the provided performance parameters, such as elongation, tear resistance and oxidation resistance;4. Quality diagnosis: solve product quality problems, such as whitening, sticking roller, frosting, curing time, etc., from the point of view of adding sample ingredients and additives.Silica gel pad test is to make dining mat people more safe and secure use, but also people out of the safety of the use of products.

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