Single Big Ice Ball Mold

silicone big ice ball mold will create perfectly sized 2.5 inches round ice balls for whiskey that will guarantee your drinks will remain cold for longer. These huge spherical slow-melting ice will not dilute your drinks like standard ice cubes, ensuring a long-lasting flavorful drink that will definitely impress your guests. Enjoy our decorative giant crystal spheres to make unforgettable cocktails parties.
Single Big Ice Ball Mold
We have four size white round ice cube mold which makes the set extremely versatile and can be used for anything from adding durable ice to drinks to serving iced fruits, freezing herbs, making fruit juice ice balls, alcohol infusions, bath bombs or even soap balls. We also provide OEM&ODM service, you can feel free to contact us about silicone products. And add the perfect touch to your Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Spirits, Scotch, Rum and Cocktails as these will ensure the flavor is fully preserved. This sphere ice mold set is the perfect gift for any party, barren.

How to use our ice ball mold? Our big ice balls mold making ice balls for whiskey are super easy to use you can create perfect spheres of ice every time. Simply inject water into the holes in the mold. Then put it in the refrigerator until the water turns into ice. Water expands when it's frozen so filling the mold 90% with water will mean the mold will be 100% full.
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