Surface problems of aluminum die castings

What causes the surface peeling of ?

The skinning phenomenon occurs at the time of shot blasting. This is not the same concept as the skinning of aluminum alloy die castings. Generally, there are several reasons for the surface skinning of aluminum alloy die castings after shot blasting.

Driven by the automobile industry, the market for is growing, so various problems are encountered in the die-casting production process. So how to deal with the surface peeling of aluminum alloy die-casting parts after shot blasting.

1. The mold or the melting cup of the injection chamber is not cleaned.
2. If the injection pressure is not enough, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the movable mold retreats during injection.
3. There is a problem with the opening of the gating system. The alloy liquid enters the cavity and has turbulent flow.
4. Mold temperature problem.
5. The molten metal splashes severely during injection.

Because aluminum alloy die castings are shot blasted to make the castings further compacted, the force is usually about 3 kilograms per square centimeter, if the casting itself has quality problems during processing.

Causes and solutions of surface oxidation of aluminum die castings.

1. Reason analysis
Through our observation and research, we have found that there are many factors that cause surface oxidation of . The main reasons are as follows. The equipment of aluminum castings is not cleaned well after use, resulting in a lot of material impurities sticking to the surface of the castings. , It is oxidized; or the solution in the casting, which generally contains metal elements, will be oxidized when it is soaked in the equipment for a long time; and the equipment is oxidized due to improper use of the equipment during operation.

2. Solution
In the face of the above oxidation reasons, we need to take correct measures according to the actual situation, clean the castings in time after using them, and keep the surface of the castings free of other impurities and pollution; improve the casting capacity of the objects, and use appropriate production methods to produce; in time Clean up the metal solution in the equipment, pour it with clean water after it is cleaned up, repeat it several times, and clean it thoroughly; for the processing of production materials, the impurities contained in the materials are effectively removed, and the use time of the equipment is appropriately reduced.

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