Surprise! Silicone Food Mat Safety Performance Is High, Has Passed FDA Inspection, Do Not Prepare A?

In restaurants and hotels in developed countries in Europe and the United States, food-grade silicone meal MATS are very common. They are so widely used in daily life. Silicone food cushions are made with food grade silicone, food grade silicone products have been widely used in infants, medicine, daily necessities and other fields. If you want to sell in our country, you must pass GB food safety certification, while European and American countries must pass FDA, SGS, LFGB and other tests. All kinds of unique shapes and beautiful appearance patterns of silicone food cushions can be customized, which are the unique charm of silicone products.The silicone material has high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical stability and soft texture, all of which cannot be achieved by other materials. The ever-changing silicone mat can be used in various occasions and is deeply loved by people. Silicone was used in aviation, medical, and other industries. The silicone food mat is made of 100% food grade silica gel, which fully complies with food grade safety certification of FDA and LFGB in America and Europe, which is unmatched by any other materials. In the past, baby food MATS were made of fabric, bamboo, PVC, TPU or Plastic. Until 2008, the European and American countries became popular use of silicone materials manufacturing silicone eat mat, of course, the ice pattern such as silica gel, silica gel cake mold, silicone eat mat, silicone bib silicone living supplies, baby supplies, etc.In Europe, the United States and Japan, homes, hotels, coffee shops and other places, people are using environmentally friendly materials to make silicone meal MATS. The baby USES silica gel material of silicon glue eat mat, very pay attention to now, design and appearance are necessary, need not. General family is decorated very attention to environmental protection, class and taste. If eat mat with other materials, it is easy to wear and scratches the surface of the table, etc., and the soft silicone material, prevent slippery, shockproof and environmental protection etc., the key is very easy to clean, so especially suitable for when the eat mat, table surface without getting burned protection and scrape.Silicone pads are mainly used in the kitchen, but they can also be used on the table. Its main use is 2 o 'clock, heat resistant, just finished dishes on the food mat, to avoid the plate overheating caused unnecessary trouble. Silicone meal pads generally have a good anti-skid effect, but can also be used to screw open bottle caps and so on. Silica gel food mat is a kind of silica gel pad, which has a wide range of USES. It has silica gel cup pad for water cup, silicone cup pad for heat preservation, silicone bottle cover and so on. In addition, there are silica gel foot pads and so on, mainly playing an auxiliary role. Silica gel meal mat can be trusted to use it to take or place hot casserole tea cup, its heat insulation is strong and will not fade, can effectively prevent the table from cracking because of high temperature. The material of meal mat is not only environmental friendly and healthy, but also soft. It can be twisted and stretched freely without deformation.

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