The Best Funnel – Silicone Funnel

In daily family life, it is often necessary to transfer liquid or powder from one container to another narrow-mouthed container with tools, such as oil and rice. At this time, a funnel is needed, which is usually a cone-shaped object. Common funnels are mostly glass products, but they are fragile and large in quality. Some funnels are Plastic products. Due to the instability of plastic materials, there is a phenomenon of poor chemical stability when transferring liquid; at the same time, the shape of the glass/ plastic funnel is fixed. In daily storage, it occupies a large space and is not convenient to carry.
There is a funnel that can be folded and stored, which can reduce the occupied space after being folded. That is, the silicone funnel.
The Best Funnel - Silicone FunnelSilicone foldable funnel
The silicone funnel adopts a folding telescopic design with an innovative structure. It can be used for the packaging and collection of edible oil, gasoline, petroleum and other liquids, as well as small particles such as sesame, and has the advantages of wear resistance, drops resistance, high-temperature resistance, and radiation protection. It belongs to the category of daily necessities of silica gel. Compared with traditional funnel products, silicone funnels have better characteristics, especially in terms of management, storage, cleaning, etc., and the service life can be more than ten years, simple and practical.

1. Food grade silicone material is refined at high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless;
2. The design concept is ergonomic, and the product has strong toughness, which improves the service life of the silicone iron pad;
3. High and low-temperature resistance, withstand temperature range: -40 to 230℃;
4. Durable, easy to clean, just rinse with water;
5. It can be folded arbitrarily without deformation, and it is convenient to carry.

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