The Best Gift For Kids–silicone Dinosaur Night Light

Our dinosaur night light for kids with touch sensor, when kids or mothers touch the light, it will light up, and then you touch the LED night light again, its light color will change from white to warm light, red, blue, green and purple. Of course, we support custom service, if you want to custom the night light's appearance, shape, size and light color, we are warmly welcome your contact. By the way, we also provide several shapes of silicone night light, such as rabbit night light, water droplets night light, bear night light, cloud night light, mushroom night light and star projector night light, etc. 
Dinosaur Night LightPig Night LightStar Projector Night LightRabbit Night Light
These silicone night lights with compact size design and powered by battery, we can take it anywhere – bedroom, living room, playroom, bathroom and outdoor camping tent at night. I promise, these cute night lights will be the best gift for children, even adults. Silicone night light is an ideal gift for birthday, children's day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, no one can deny the silicone LED night lights are too cute that everyone wants to get all of them.
Cute Cartoon Silicone Night Light 
1. Reusable night light with rechargeable battery
2. 7 colors can change
3. Soft silicone material, eco-friendly and odorless
4. Decorating products can be used at home, house or outdoor
5. Charging 3-4 hours, and can work about 12 hours

Welcome to contact us. We can provide you high-quality products at a reasonable price.

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