There Are Two Different Forming Processes In Silica Gel Products

In our daily life, we use a lot of silica gel products, which are used in refrigerators, kitchens and hotels. It has become an indispensable part of our daily life. But have you ever known about the production and molding of some silicone ice shelf products?1. Solid-state hot pressing molding process in silica gel products: this process USES the temperature and pressure of oil press to vulcanize the product with the help of mold. This kind of technology is relatively low cost, high yield and common application. It is used in monochrome silicone products. It can also be applied to double-color products with double hardness or multi-color products with multi-hardness, but the structure of the products is not flexible and limited. It can also be applied to Plastic bags and metal bags. It is also not flexible in structure, and it has temperature requirements for the articles covered.2. Liquid injection molding process in silica gel products: the equipment required by this process includes silica gel injection machine and material pressing machine. Its raw materials are water thick, divided into A, B components. Its principle is: the raw materials of A and B components are mixed by the press into the material cylinder of the injection machine according to 1:1, which is then pressed into the hot mould cavity through the nozzle. The molding temperature of this kind of craft is relatively low, 130 degrees is ok. It can be used in less resistant to high temperature plastic wrap molding, which has advantages over solid hot forming. It is highly productive and easy to automate. But the cost of raw materials is several times higher than that of solid silicone materials.

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