What Is The Difference Between Custom Silicone And Spot Silicone?

What is the difference between custom silicone products and spot silicone products? This article takes you to understand.
Silicone products have gradually integrated into our lives. Many families can see the shadow of silicone, such as silicone tableware, silicone baby utensils, etc. are very common. If we want to buy silicone products, do we have to customize or spot them? Well, what are the differences?
Customized silicone and spot silicone, the main difference lies in the customization of characteristics, which is also the place where the two are most different. We all know that the current level of life is advancing, and the monotonous days are no longer able to meet personal needs. The industry has greatly advanced its usefulness. For example, a small silicone gift can be given away by buying a lot of the same thing in the market, but it can't express the concept of the giver at all, and there is no sense of freshness. Customized silicone products can express what you want.What Is The Difference Between Custom Silicone And Spot Silicone?Products made of silicone are different from other products. Silicone gel is more adaptable and environmentally friendly and can be used in any material. Moreover, the silicone gel can automatically heal after being squeezed by force, and its density can be moisture-proof and waterproof. Effective, so it is used for waterproof, moisture-proof, gas pollution-proof coating, pouring and potting protection of fine electronic components, backlights, and electrical modules. In fact, custom-made silicone can be made according to your own needs,and the stock is directly purchased, which is suitable for people who do not have any material requirements.
The basic steps of custom silicone: 1: Inquiry stage; 2: Quotation stage; 3: Payment proofing stage; 4: Mass production stage; 5: Shipment stage; 
The difference between customized silicone and spot silicone is actually whether it is practical or you want to make a unique one, such as sending silicone gifts. There are already a lot of silicone products on the market. Customized unique products can better reflect the importance of gifts.

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