What Patterns Can Silicone Pad Manufacturers Print?

At present, the silica gel pad is still the most popular European and American market of silicone products, different countries have different beliefs, style, hobby and so on, these all reflected in the silica gel pad, customized procurement. What patterns can silicone pads print?To be specific, there are two types of printing colors, namely, four-color printing and spot printing. Four-color printing: four-color printing, even CMYK, can produce the effect of gradual change of color, that is, the excessive effect of two colors. Four-color printing of silicone food cushion has delicate effect and looks very comfortable and natural. Spot color printing: the printing process of reproducing the original color using other color ink other than yellow, magenta, green and black ink. When different color systems are put together, color impact is strong.What should silicone pad manufacturers pay attention to in the printing process? After the raw material is fully stirred, the bubbles must be let out for 20 minutes. Otherwise, the bubbles will be back through the screen, printed on the product to cause the rupture into bad; Control the humidity of the workshop, add the slow dry or quick dry raw materials timely, the screen will not easily plug, can greatly improve the production efficiency; When all the colors are printed, the surface color is dry, but that doesn't mean the interior color is dry. After printing cannot be folded immediately, should be placed in a cool place for a period of time in the collection.

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