Wholesale Best Ice Cube Molds

silicone ice cube molds, is a good selling item for most Retailer. Weishun Silicone is a supplier come from China, Selling silicone molds.Now we have a small ice cube tray which can make mini size ice cube. We accept orders of this silicone ice cube molds. And some detail images will be shown as follow:Wholesale Best Ice Cube MoldsWholesale Best Ice Cube MoldsWholesale Best Ice Cube MoldsThis small ice cube maker is popular in our shop. And the size of this silicone ice pop molds is 20.5*12*2.5cm, weight of tray is 96 g, weight of lid is 39 g. You can choose only ice tray or ice tray with lid.Besides, we also offer custom service. You can put forward special requests such as different sizes, custom colors or adding your logos on this silicone mold. If you are interest in silicone ice pop molds, why not send a mesage to us?

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