Why Do Different Manufacturers Offer Different Prices For Customized Silicone Products?

silicone products are widely used in various fields because of their excellent product performance, including daily necessities, electronic industry, medical industry and industrial field. When customizing silicone products, our merchants usually deal with different manufacturers. In addition to looking for manufacturers with corresponding qualifications, the price is always a problem.
Generally, businesses want to obtain higher quality products at a lower price, but the manufacturer's production needs cost. Therefore, there is no absolute high quality and low price, only relatively high cost performance. Many times we see low-cost products, usually at the expense of product quality. Therefore, in order to achieve a relatively higher balance between price and quality, when we customize silica gel products, we should understand the factors considered in the manufacturer's quotation. Weishun silicone products factory will give you a brief introduction:    1. Mold size, hole number and large pattern mold price    2. Rubber used for target silicone products, such as gross weight and single material price (gross weight + processing fee)    3. Product processing process cost, such as manufacturer's startup cost, labor cost and manufacturer's production capacity     4. Edge removal, which includes labor cost, production capacity and burr rate     5. Quality inspection, such as labor cost, production capacity and defective products     6. Labor and transportation costs of packaging materials.
Generally speaking, the quotation is calculated by adding all the above and multiplying it by the defect rate. From the above factors to be considered in the quotation, the quotation price of the manufacturer mainly includes mold cost, proofing cost, material cost and labor cost. Therefore, when we customize silicone products, we should not only look at the price, but also consider many factors, such as what we need, and where the price of a manufacturer is higher, which manufacturer's price is lower, and in what aspects the cost is saved.

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