Methods of preventing defects in die castings

Most of the defects on die castings appear when grooves are opened in the casting or during machining. The reason is that the fine-grained layer structure on the surface of… Read more

What is Die Casting?

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Aluminum Die Casting Solutions

PTJ Hardware offers high-pressure aluminum die cast products. Die-casting is a versatile process for producing metal parts by forcing molten metal under pressure into steel molds or dies. Using this… Read more

Causes of local sinking and smooth lines of aluminum die-casting parts

Reasons for the smooth lines of :   Aluminum die castings can be made into various more complex shapes, and can also be made with higher precision and finish, which… Read more

Causes of die casting mold failure

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Extend the service life of die casting molds

Extend the service life of :   Due to the long-term use and high injection speed of the die-casting mold, after a period of use, there will be more or… Read more

Inspection standards for aluminum die-casting molds before leaving the factory

Inspection standards for before leaving the factory   Aluminum die-casting molds must be tested before they leave the factory, and they can only be put into use when they meet… Read more

Precautions for the use of aluminum die casting molds

Precautions for the use of :   Application of mold cooling system. When the mold cooling water is used correctly, it not only extends the service life of the mold,… Read more

How to try the die casting mold?

Instructions for trial use of :   Since the die-casting trial mode and production use are basically the same, the trial mode is mainly used here to illustrate the use… Read more

How to control the temperature when the die casting mold is produced?

Controlling the surface temperature of is essential for the production of high quality die castings. Uneven or inappropriate zinc die-casting mold temperature can also lead to instability of casting size.… Read more

How to make die casting molds safely?

 is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process completed on a dedicated die-casting molds forging machine. It is also the process of manufacturing die-casting molds. Most die-casting molds are… Read more

What are the characteristics of zinc alloy die casting?

The main added elements of zinc alloy die-casting are aluminum, copper and magnesium. Zinc alloys can be divided into deformation and cast zinc alloys according to the processing technology. Cast… Read more

Cleaning steps of die casting mold

Everyone has a certain understanding of die-casting molds. Here are the cleaning steps of :   1.Clean the mold with kerosene first to ensure that there is no aluminum slag… Read more

The role of die casting mold cooling water

The production of generally uses mold steel, which is processed through special production. No matter how perfect the mold is, there are limits to use. If you want to be… Read more

Daily maintenance of die casting mold

The use of should pay attention to daily maintenance. Fasten parts, check whether the fastened parts can be loose or damaged. The method of acceptance is to find the same… Read more

What material is suitable for making die casting molds?

are the molds for the production of die-casting parts and the shape is determined. The production process determines the practicability of the casted industrial parts to a certain extent. However,… Read more

Three-point design zinc alloy die casting

Because zinc alloy has good die casting properties, mechanical properties, and toughness, it is widely used in traditional cashiers. However, the design of must consider these three points, and the… Read more

Crack treatment of aluminum castings

The main feature of defects is cracks   Casting crack: It is a kind of crack formed at higher temperature. It is easy to appear when the volume shrinkage of… Read more